At Walbrock, we do company’s analysis on UK businesses. The type of analysis you will find comes in the following:

1). Daily companies’ analysis; – these are brief analysis when the companies release their annual and interim results and sometimes trading statement.

2). In-depth analysis; – this cover individual companies that are popular with people and consist of multiple articles looking at all areas. The idea is to look at the nuts and bolts of what the business tick and leave no stone unturned.

3). Financial analysis knowledge; – these are independent piece involving an in-depth into some of the most important financial items in a company’s annual report.

In some of my posts, I will give the prediction of where the company’s share price will go.


At the end of the day, people crave independent research covering a spectrum of different viewpoints. Not everything that anybody writes will come true because there something called “unforeseen” circumstances that enters equation catching everyone off guard.


Walbrock’s Philosophy

Always transparency.



The main purpose is to entertain and provides a different viewpoint to your own. I’m not a financial advisor and, therefore, you should seek professional independent advice on your investment.

However, if you are seeking advice, then this blog or a particular post would help formulate some questions you can ask your independent advisor and make them give you answers to satisfy your needs and comfort.

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Founder of Walbrock Research
Walter Hin