Making Sense of Carillion Interim Results


 On Friday, Carillion has finally come clean (sort of) and reported an expected write-down of £1.2bn. But, how should investors interpret this? Before the results were released, there was a rumour circulating around the company about a takeover from a Middle-Eastern suitor. Well, since the share price responded negatively we should take this with a […]

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Investigating revenue

Is there a way to save Carillion from collapsing?


 My previous post got to the essence of why Carillion’s share price got dump! That was due to the use of trade receivables, especially “other receivables” to bolster their sales and profits. They were hiding their failings from their acquisitions strategies. (Most of the losses came from their poor timing in acquiring Eaga, as solar […]

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Explaining Tullow Oil Rights Issue


 On my main Tullow Oil article, I explained the calculation of the Rights Issue affects an individual Tullow’s shareholder. This post is an expansion, which includes two examples: – One shareholder bought the shares at £8.32, the other at £1.60 per share. Then, it goes on to explain what happens if you sold the shares, […]

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