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At Walbrock

At Walbrock, you will get a wide-coverage of UK-related shares (or, stock if you are American).

These posts cover interesting points on individual businesses. The focus will be on the underlying trend of a business and how the market interprets these data into valuing the company. There is a glimpse of the technical analysis aspect with essential commentary.

Talking and focusing on individual stocks will not make you rich. (unless you are lucky) To increase your success rate, Walbrock will look into changes in sectors like General Retailers, Mining, Electronics, Consumer Staples, etc. Understanding these industries can help you to judge company’s management future outlook of their business. Also, is to see if they know the sector well.

If you are not interested in stocks, but a fan of microeconomics of a sector then the market section will cover things like UK Home prices, the revelation of the gold market or why you have to pay higher gas and electricity bills.

And for those with a short-attention span, then consider the UK Stock Checklist as your 5-min tea break overview of a particular stock. (random stocks did on the fly) 

Then to the investing case studies. These interest topics would make you think twice before investing your hard-earned cash. They challenge the traditionally accepted investing maxims like: – “When not to invest in a low P/E stock?”

Finally, there is a stock price forecast page on stocks covered at Walbrock and elsewhere. It gives a future price target and the duration it is going to hit these targets. It should be taken for a bit of fun.  


The blog is for entertainment purposes and NOT taken as a professional recommended advice. It helps you by offering a different viewpoint and angle, which you have not consider or forgotten. Hope you find this blog useful! 


Walbrock’s mission to readers is to provide a transparent assessment of individual businesses through the use of integrity backed by hard data with evidence of achievement (number of social media followers, get mentioned on large companies websites as clients, consistent dividends payments, reduction in debt levels and management honesty towards shareholders).

The method and layout are in a comprehensive way with a twist of humour. There will be charts, tables and graphs for the important points made, along with examples of workings to help readers understand the post’s analysis of the business.


Investing is about style and like Martial Arts it has different kinds. But, choosing one particular style and mastering, for example, dividend investing would capture the benefits of dividends, but you would disregard growth stocks, cylindrical stocks, momentum investing and speculative stocks to name a few.
A true investor is to be able to incorporate different styles of investing in order to optimise your chance of achieving the best returns possible.
Therefore, at Walbrock you will be able to differentiate when reading a particular stock analysis whether it is a dividend income stock, growth stock and so forth.
Also, the tools of my analysis are to be like WATER (a philosophy championed by Bruce Lee) because each unique company requires a different set of tools for solving that particular puzzle.

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Founder of Walbrock Research
Walter Hin