Fantasy share price prediction

What’s this?

Sometimes when we  read stock reports or articles, you are uncertain of the undervaluation or overvaluation of a stock, whether it has momentum or simply a dodgy business. The creation of this table is to prediction a company’s future stock price, along with bull points and bear points and a link to the reasoning behind the call.

CompaniesCurrent share priceMarket Cap.PredictionOutcome
AO WORLD£1.42/share (08/07/16)£590m£0.48/share (within 2 years).
 Rightmove £38.51/share (16/09/16) £3.85bn £23/share (within 18 months).
 Finsbury Foods Group £1.31/share (18/09/16) £171m £2.03/share (within 18 months).
 Aquatic Foods £0.145/share (18/10/16) £17m Delisted within a year.
 MITIE £2.03/share (21/10/16) £731m £1.35-£1.5/share (within a year)
 Devro £1.70/share (19/12/16)£285m £0.50-£1/share (end of next year)
 NEXT PLC £39/Share (10/02/17) £5,830m £30/share (by next year)
 Debenhams £0.52/share (26/02/17)£678m£0.35/share to £0.65/share (within 15 months)