“Research pays dividends.”

Welcome to Walbrock’s STOCK page!


Whether you are a value investor, a fundamental long-term investor, an investor in growth businesses or looking for a steady income stream this is the place to get sound investment assessment on unique individual businesses.

The process Walbrock uses to assess businesses is: –

  1. A hard look at the company’s management, in particular, the details of any stock options, salary and past management achievement;
  2. Hard financial data provided for by the company’s annual reports;
  3. Relevant key performance metrics related to the company’s operations;
  4. Reading through the blog posts written by respected bloggers with integrity;
  5. Looking for any inconsistencies between the narrative of the company’s management and what is happening to its stock price and their operations on the ground;
  6. Revealing patterns in financial ratios analysis and linking it with the performance of the stock price and Net Asset Value (the use of different variants apply like net tangible assets);
  7. Nothing is complete when you put your analysis together and decide if it’s a buy, sell or hold business.

Hope this explains how Walbrock will approach analysing individual businesses, and please subscribe!